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Altobridge Acquisition of Key Mobile Data Optimisation Technology Bridges Mobile Broadband Divide

Kerry Technology Park, Ireland, April 2nd 2012: Altobridge Limited, leaders in technology that cuts the cost of delivering mobile voice and mobile broadband connectivity, has purchased the exclusive, worldwide, mobile backhaul rights to an intellectual property suite, comprising proprietary data optimisation capabilities, from leading industry player, Replify.

This functionality has been embedded into the Altobridge patent-pending data optimisation platform, Data-at-the-Edge™, and includes Byte Level Caching, Predictive Cache Loading, Data Stream de-duplication, Data Compression and Protocol Optimization, along with standard data optimization techniques.

Altobridge Data-at-the-Edge™ enables data passing between an operator’s core network and its radio access network (RAN) to be identified, managed and optimized at the most granular level, with intelligence to apply the best possible optimization to differing forms of data, e.g. video and email.

The solution delivers mobile data backhaul reductions of over 50% and therefore has profound impact on the costs of delivering mobile broadband via backhaul-constrained cellular base stations. It can be applied to base stations serving remote communities, remote enterprises and macro urban areas in emerging markets and developing nations.

“Altobridge has spent a decade driving down the cost of remote communications access. Over the last three years, we have concentrated on mobile broadband optimization and this turnkey solution enables the world’s mobile network operators to truly bridge the mobile broadband divide,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chief Executive, Altobridge.

“Remote communities, remote enterprises or indeed any base station location where a network operator needs to cut backhaul costs, can now benefit from a level of backhaul savings never anticipated within the industry. While cost reduction was the key driver, we have also paid very close attention to achieving the highest quality of service levels and end-user experience,” he added.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Brian Baird, Replify CEO, said, “Replify are delighted to be collaborating with a company of Altobridge’s caliber, and together bringing WAN optimization to a new market. Replify Accelerator was designed from the start to be a high-performance, low-footprint, portable solution and we’re seeing the results of that investment in a ground-breaking new product. We’re particularly delighted to see our unique peer-to-peer cache sharing capability, CLAN, adding so much value in this environment.”

The fully integrated solution can be delivered as a turnkey radio access network (RAN) option or as a standalone optimisation system, direct to mobile network operators. It can also be licensed via wireless network vendors.

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