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The ADN-L is a self contained, man portable GSM network/communications platform in a ruggedized case that includes a base station transceiver, remote processor, WiFi router and power supply. The ADN-L supports IP connectivity and is available as both 2G and 3G.

The ADN-L links the user’s requirements for secure, tactical communications, with commercial off-the-shelf cellphones and smartphones. The ADN-L typically operates in a standalone mode with local embedded switching and subscriber management capabilities. In addition, the ADN-L can also be networked to other tactical radio systems (including additional ADN-L units) via SIP connections to create a larger communication footprint in the field. At the same time, the 2G and 3G ADN-L can tie back in to private and public cellular networks via the optional altoGateway™.


ADN-L Features Table

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