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Environmental policy

We realise that our activities will inevitably impact on the environment. We recognize that we have a responsibility to monitor, manage and minimise these impacts. The impact of climate change, the changing rural economy, effects of globalisation, transport and traffic, development pressures and environmental pollution all continue to affect our environment.
Altobridge is committed to achieving excellence in environmental management through the sound management, protection and development of the natural and built environment.
We have been informed and influenced by a wide range of organisations and partnerships, driven by the recognition that the environment is not the sole responsibility of one organisation. Collaborative partnership and a shared commitment to environment protection is key to securing its future.


Policy Statement

To protect and improve the environment, Altobridge is committed to:

  • Progressively develop operating procedures and appropriate work practices that reduce to a minimum the adverse impact on the environment of Altobridge’s day-to-day activities
  • Ensuring understanding and implementation of this environmental policy among all employees, with the aim of continual environmental improvement and pollution prevention
  • Meeting or exceeding environmental legislation, regulations and other adopted policies and strategies
  • Providing a structure to manage a framework for continual environmental improvement to allow for new developments and ideas to be taken into account


  • Promoting and undertaking the sustainable use of resources and pursuing new opportunities to keep waste to a minimum by avoiding, reusing and recycling waste products
  • Ensuring that unavoidable waste is disposed of responsibly
  • Expanding recycling initiatives where it is economical and practical to do so


  • Promoting energy and water conservation
  • Promoting the conservation of resources though the use of recycled products wherever possible
  • Working to minimise our impact on the natural environment and its resources


  • Encouraging continuous improvement in the environmental performance of our suppliers, contractors and consultants
  • Providing information on our environmental performance and communicating openly and transparently with all key stakeholders

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