• Altobridge lite-site™

Altobridge lite-site™

Satellite Backhauled, Solar Powered, 2G/3G Solution for Remote Communities

Solar Powered Altobridge lite-site™, Niger


Altobridge is a leading provider of 2G/3G solutions for remote communities. Central to this is the solar powered Altobridge lite-site™ which enables mobile network operators to bring mobile connectivity to remote communities at low cost.

Meeting the needs of up to 1200 subscribers with traffic capacity of 18 Erlang per altoPod™ (no limit with clustering), the Altobridge lite-site™ has been specifically designed to optimise satellite bandwidth and minimise power consumption.



Combining 2G/3G and VSAT technologies, the Altobridge lite-site™:

  • Is the lowest power consumption mobile communications system for remote communities
  • Uses over 40% less backhaul than competing optimised solutions
  • Offers quick and easy deployment with the compact, all-in-one design of the altoPod™


Commercial Deployments to date include:

  • Orange, Niger
  • Maxis, Malaysia
  • Indosat, Indonesia (Qtel group)
  • Asiacell, Iraq (Qtel group)
  • Oman Mobile, Oman
  • Our Telekom, Solomon Islands
  • Cable & Wireless, Falklands
  • TCC, Tonga
  • Mobicom, Mongolia
  • Tigo, Ghana


Altobridge is on the select vendor list on the GSMA ‘Green Power for Mobile‘ site.

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