3G altoPod™

The 3G altoPod™ is an all IP, outdoor pole or wall mountable, passively cooled 3G Node B, with a coverage radius of up to 2km.

Designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, the 3G altoPod™ allows the operator to deploy 3G over satellite in the most remote parts of the world. Ideally suited for solar deployments with an average power consumption of 70 Watts, the 3G altoPod™ can be deployed quickly in the most challenging environments.

Data congestion in wireless networks is a growing challenge for operators globally. The 3G altoPod™ which incorporates Data-at-the-Edge™ (DatE™) technology, delivers affordable mobile broadband connectivity for remote communities by reducing mobile network operators’ backhaul requirements by over 40%.


3G altoPod™ Key Specifications


3G altoPod™


3G altoPod™ Key Features

  • Fully sealed IP 67 environmental rating
  • Passive cooling with minimum maintenance
  • Small form factor allows simple install
  • Pole mountable close to antenna requiring short low loss feeder connection
  • Low power consumption, ideal for solar powered sites
  • Voice prioritisation
  • Seamless 3G to 2G interaction
  • Data-at-the-Edge™:

  • HTTP acceleration for improved performance over high latency links
  • Data and image compression
  • Byte caching
  • Header compression
  • 3G user experience over satellite

3G altoPod™ External Connectors

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