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Deployment Site, Minanga, Asia

Welcome to the Altobridge Customer Support Website. At Altobridge we believe in making the customer support experience as seamless as possible. A key enabler in this endeavour is our online trouble ticketing system, which allows registered users to open new tickets or update existing tickets at will. It is also fully integrated with our internal bug tracking system, which enables seamless and rapid escalation of tickets to integration and development engineers where necessary. To summarise, the system allows you to:

  • Open new trouble tickets
  • Check the status and/or update existing tickets
  • Access full history of all your previous tickets
  • Access ticket details of associated partner companies
  • Submit feature requests for possible inclusion in the Altobridge roadmap

The support website also offers our customers both public and private download zones for accessing Customer Documentation, Software Downloads, Technical Notes and Repair and Return Information.

And for those of you who prefer to talk, Altobridge offers a 24×7 telephone support line which always goes directly to a qualified trained technical support engineer and not to an outsourced answering service. Thus, you can quickly speak to a technical expert who can understand your problem and initiate appropriate action without delay. For this and all the other benefits mentioned above please log in or register with us, today.

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