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Think Small Cells: Small Cell Backhaul

Backhaul connections for small cells are seen to be a costly component, especially for outdoor/public access where dedicated wireless equipment is required. Data caching, storing frequently accessed data within each small cell, could significantly reduce backhaul bandwidth required and also improve the quality of service to customers …

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In Conversation With Senza Fili Consulting: Optimizing Backhaul Capacity

Richard Lord, CTO, Altobridge and Mats Vilander, VP EMEA Sales and Head of Global DatE™, Altobridge discuss Data-at-the-Edge™ with Frank Rayal, Senza Fili Consulting and explain how the product works in the small-cell environment …

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Interview with Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development, at MWC 2013

Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development at Altobridge, is interviewd by bnetTV’s Tony Sklar at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 2013

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Fierce Broadband Wireless: Altobridge slashes data backhaul by 50%

Altobridge is planning third-quarter trials and fourth-quarter availability for its Data-at-the-Edge platform, being pitched as a solution to handle the growing impact of audio and video transmissions on mobile networks via a reduction in data backhaul congestion…

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Altobridge Overview

Altobridge is an R&D-focused, wireless network solutions provider. Its founding vision was to remove the technical and commercial barriers that denied remote communities affordable mobile voice and internet connectivity…

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Altobridge Acquisition of Key Mobile Data Optimisation Technology Bridges Mobile Broadband Divide

Altobridge has purchased the exclusive, worldwide, mobile backhaul rights to an intellectual property suite, comprising proprietary data optimisation capabilities, from leading industry player, Replify…

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CommsMEA.com: Remote connections

Industry and analyst estimates vary but the consensus is universal – more than one billion of the world’s populations are not connected to a mobile network…

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RCR Wireless: Altobridge – bringing broadband to the remotest of markets

Altobridge has found a way to lower capital and operating costs for both voice and mobile broadband services, allowing operators to connect the unconnected extremely cheaply. Mike Fitzgerald talks to Sylvie Barak of RCR Wireless News…

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World Economic Forum selects Altobridge as Technology Pioneer

Altobridge Limited – leaders in technology that cuts the cost of delivering voice and mobile broadband services across wireless networks – has been selected by the World Economic Forum as a 2012 Technology Pioneer…

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Business Monitor International (BMI): Asiacell To Roll Out Altobridge’s Lite-site™ Solution In Rural Areas of Iraq

Asiacell announced a deal with network solutions provider Altobridge on August 24 2011, to roll out cost effective mobile voice and data services to remote communities in Iraq using the Altobridge lite-site™ solution. Asiacell is Iraq’s second-biggest mobile operator in terms of number of subscribers…

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