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Posts Tagged ‘Data-at-the-Edge™’

ChinaCache and Altobridge Form Strategic Partnership for Mobile Content-aware Networks

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd., the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China, and Altobridge Ltd., a leading provider of data optimisation technology for wireless networks, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at co-marketing new ground-breaking multi-layered technology solutions for mobile Internet content delivery …

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Altobridge Launches Hierarchical Network Caching™

Altobridge announces launch of a multi-layered caching capability technology, Hierarchical Network Caching, which will enhance wireless QoE, generate new revenue opportunities and transmission savings for mobile operators …

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In Conversation With Senza Fili Consulting: Optimizing Backhaul Capacity

Richard Lord, CTO, Altobridge and Mats Vilander, VP EMEA Sales and Head of Global DatE™, Altobridge discuss Data-at-the-Edge™ with Frank Rayal, Senza Fili Consulting and explain how the product works in the small-cell environment …

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Altobridge Launches Data Optimised 3G/4G/WiFi Combined Small Cell

Altobridge launches a self-learning solution for multi-radio small cells which reduces mobile data backhaul costs in urban and rural networks by at least 70% through its meshed caching and content pre-positioning capabilities …

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Interview with Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development, at MWC 2013

Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development at Altobridge, is interviewd by bnetTV’s Tony Sklar at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 2013

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Fierce Broadband Wireless: Altobridge slashes data backhaul by 50%

Altobridge is planning third-quarter trials and fourth-quarter availability for its Data-at-the-Edge platform, being pitched as a solution to handle the growing impact of audio and video transmissions on mobile networks via a reduction in data backhaul congestion…

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Altobridge Overview

Altobridge is an R&D-focused, wireless network solutions provider. Its founding vision was to remove the technical and commercial barriers that denied remote communities affordable mobile voice and internet connectivity…

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Borneo Post Online: Altobridge Introduces Low Cost Mobile Broadband Technology

Altobridge has obtained exclusive rights to a mobile data optimisation technology, bridging the mobile broadband divide between rural and urban areas…

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Altobridge Acquisition of Key Mobile Data Optimisation Technology Bridges Mobile Broadband Divide

Altobridge has purchased the exclusive, worldwide, mobile backhaul rights to an intellectual property suite, comprising proprietary data optimisation capabilities, from leading industry player, Replify…

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bnetTV Interview Gerry Collins at Mobile World Congress 2012

bnetTV speaks with Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development for Altobridge, and gets a company and product overview…

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