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Altobridge lite-site™ Solution Overview

Combining 2G/3G and VSAT technologies, the Altobridge lite-site™ is the lowest power consumption mobile communications system for rural communities. It uses over 40% less backhaul than competing optimised solutions and offers quick and easy deployment with the compact, all-in-one design of the altoPod™…

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Altobridge and K-NET Rollout Mobile Connectivity to Rural Communities in Ghana

Altobridge has partnered with one of Ghana’s leading network solutions providers to bring first-time mobile voice and mobile broadband connectivity to rural communities in Ghana…

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Altobridge Overview

Altobridge is an R&D-focused, wireless network solutions provider. Its founding vision was to remove the technical and commercial barriers that denied remote communities affordable mobile voice and internet connectivity…

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Borneo Post Online: Altobridge Introduces Low Cost Mobile Broadband Technology

Altobridge has obtained exclusive rights to a mobile data optimisation technology, bridging the mobile broadband divide between rural and urban areas…

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Altobridge Acquisition of Key Mobile Data Optimisation Technology Bridges Mobile Broadband Divide

Altobridge has purchased the exclusive, worldwide, mobile backhaul rights to an intellectual property suite, comprising proprietary data optimisation capabilities, from leading industry player, Replify…

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Total TeleVision Interview Richard Lord at Mobile World Congress 2012

Total teleVision interviews Richard Lord, Chief Technical Officer, Altobridge, about our presence in remote communities and our technology which cuts the cost of satellite bandwidth…

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bnetTV Interview Gerry Collins at Mobile World Congress 2012

bnetTV speaks with Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development for Altobridge, and gets a company and product overview…

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BalancingActAfrica Interview Gerry Collins about the Altobridge lite-site™

BalancingActAfrica interview Gerry Collins, Head of Business Development at Altobridge, about it’s low-cost, remote base station, the Altobridge lite-site™

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ESA News: Satellites and Sun Connect Isolated Communities to the World

A mobile phone unit connecting isolated communities to the rest of the world using satellites and solar power has caught the attention of the ESA and World Economic Forum…

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The Wall Street Journal names Altobridge as Wireless Technology Innovator 2011

Altobridge has been named the winner of the Wireless Category in the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards 2011…

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